There are currently no plans to run the WADE Into Research REU in the future. The information below was for the summer of 2017.


Participants must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. who have not received a bachelor’s degree before the program begins. We expect our participants to have some proof-based mathematics courses under their belt, as well knowledge of number theory. Ideally participants would have had a course in number theory before the program, but students will be considered if they have appropriate related coursework. (For example, a course in abstract algebra might provide enough number theory background; similarly a sufficiently number-theoretic course in cryptography might suffice.) We anticipate that many of our participants will be third-year students.

There are many research programs available, and we are interested in ours having the greatest impact. We feel we can make more of an impact if we target students who have not already had experiences with research before. In particular, we will not consider applicants who have participated in research with a mathematics faculty member (either as part of an REU, or at their home institution). Also, we particularly welcome applications from the “underrepresented majority” – the 70% of college students that are women or racial minorities. Federal regulations also require that 50% of the participants be drawn from institutions where research opportunities are limited.

Application process

Applications for our program will be submitted through To apply, you will need to create a (free) account to upload your application materials. The application materials you need to upload are the following.

  • The application form (available here). Note that if using our application form is difficult, feel free to type the information we request in your favorite word processor, and then upload a PDF version of that file with your application.
  • A personal statement. This should be a one-page document describing your mathematical background, what you hope to gain from the REU, and why you are specifically interested in WADE Into Research. We are also interested in any independent mathematical reading you have done just for your own interest (and not for any particular class).
  • Two letters of recommendation, which can be submitted directly by your letter writers to Please have your letter writers discuss the availability of research opportunities at your home institution. The strongest letters of recommendation will be able to give more evidence of your interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics than just “the student has done well in classes”.

Review process

The application deadline for the summer of 2017 is Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at midnight. Review of applications will begin immediately. We will identify a shortlist of approximately 15 applicants and attempt to talk with them over the phone or Skype in late February and make offers shortly thereafter. We intend for the first round of offers to be made during the first week of March. We will adhere to the March 8 common reply date agreement. Any student who receives an offer is not required to accept or decline the offer until March 8.


Shortly after the application deadline, all applicants to our program will receive a survey. The survey is optional, anonymous, and is not connected at all with the consideration of your application. All applicants will also receive a second survey at the end of the summer. These surveys will help us assess the impact our program makes, and will affect whether we can continue to receive funding to run the program.